Some herbs and spices are a great addition to your dog’s natural diet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, have healing and prophylactic properties, which can have an excellent effect…

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About walks
For proper physical development, daily walks in the fresh air in any weather are necessary. The pug must have well-developed and strong muscles. And without proper training, this cannot be…

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Pigment keratitis in pugs
The cornea is the transparent part of the anterior membrane of the eye that transmits light. Normal healthy cornea is transparent. Keratitis is a corneal disease in which usually transparent…

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A bit about pugs

For me, a pug is a small home orc. Round ottoman with legs, insanely affectionate and gentle beast. My pug is my first dog, and I do not regret at all that I chose this breed. I will tell a little about these dogs, from my experience.

They say that they are lazy, but this is not about mine. He seemed to sew in one place. He wants to play, run, jump all day! He sleeps only at night and, possibly, when I am not at home. What do I know of some pugs at a decent age of 8-10 years, the young are almost not inferior in activity.Of the minuses:

1. Health. Unfortunately, pugs do not have Caucasian health. These dogs are allergic, which is the main disadvantage. But with proper feeding and care, this can easily be avoided. Personally, I decided to immediately feed premium food and there are no problems with food. Sometimes I treat with fruits, vegetables and cheese. The only thing my pug is allergic to, based on experiments with refreshments, is citrus. But here, people are not uncommon.

Pugs are VERY fond of eating! And “these eyes opposite” will not miss a single chance, not to try to beg you for what you eat and no matter what it will be. Do not succumb to these provocations and then you will save the delicate and allergenic stomachs of these dogs.

Pugs are brachycephalic (a feature of a flattened nose and skull structure). Breathing them harder than other breeds. Therefore, they quickly get tired and do not tolerate heat. Here you just need not to load the dog with excessive physical activity (like running with the owner in the morning) and go out in the heat only for need for 5 minutes.

I also heard a lot that pugs for health and epileptics and cores and skins and a bunch of more troubles. Yes, it happens that no one is insured. My dog ​​got around this.

2. Noisy. Yes, these dogs snore and sniff and grunt. But personally, this does not annoy me at all, but even touches me. All the same, my husband will not be overwhelmed)) Many will say that these dogs fart too much … Well, I’m sorry, but what kind of living creature does not fart, especially if the diet is wrong ??

3. Wool. Despite the short coat, they molt and molt strongly. BUT! If you comb it out in time and buy a furminator, then you can noticeably reduce this problem!

Meet Mojo or just Mo. Here he is 2 months old

From the pros:

1. Insanely affectionate and gentle creature with the character of a real person! I don’t know how others do, but my dog ​​is a real person. Words can’t explain it, it can be seen from the behavior in different situations. Those who have a dog will probably understand me) They say that pugs are stupid. It is not true! They just need a little more time and a little more sweets to learn. They are very smart. If a dog is engaged (a pug or not a pug), then you will have an obedient and intelligent dog. A glutton pug for a treat will be ready to learn anything!

2. Their crazy facial expressions will not leave anyone indifferent. Any emotion is so clearly expressed that sometimes one is surprised at what one sees.
3. General. They love people and guests very much. In this regard, they are more traitors than defenders. All the same, the breed is sofa. They love to be in the center of small talk. They will not sit alone if there is someone in the house, and even more so if there are also guests.

Usually get along with other animals. But here is my friend in this situation, immediately in defense and does not let anyone near him or me.

4. Pugs with children – a friend of babies and nannies. They love children very much and understand that you need to be careful. Mojo is loved by all the children in the yard, and he likes to run with them in cool weather, after doing dog things. The main thing is that parents do not mind)

But still, each dog with its own character and each is unique. Not all of my words may coincide with other representatives of this breed. Much depends on education and care. Love animals. We are responsible for those who have tamed!

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