Most puppies can be fed following the basic diet rules for adult dogs. It is useful to include goat milk in the puppies ’diet. For puppies, it is especially important…

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Pug character
The pug has an excellent character, the dog is a kind and very sociable creature. He loves to play and have fun, while the dog is considered not very active.…

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Training and training
Since pugs are distinguished not only by a good mind, but also by their perseverance and stubbornness, they are quickly bored with various monotonous exercises and games. This is becoming…

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Brief description of the breed

A round head, a square physique and a twisted tail – this is what a pug looks like. Wherever he is, his wrinkled face and cheerful nature enchant people on the spot. He perfectly finds mutual understanding with other dogs, cats, as well as with children. A pug will fit perfectly into your family and in a short period of time will become an integral part of it.Advantages of a pug:
Very affectionate and friendly;
Tied to the owner;
Ideal as a friend to a child;
Smart, loves learning;
Friendly to surrounding animals;
Easy to care for;
Can live in a small room;
Does not need a lot of movements;
Ideal companion for older people;
Almost does not bark.
Pug disadvantages:
It is stubborn;
It does not tolerate heat;
Inclined to fullness;
Shedding throughout the year;
Has a specific, not very pleasant smell;
Loves to snore.
Perhaps the pug’s wrinkled face may make you doubtful about his friendliness, cheerfulness, and positivity. But, be sure that, despite such an appearance, a celebration and fun are going on in his soul. He is ready to laugh with you, ready to make you laugh. This dog brings a sea of ​​positive emotions and impressions.

According to statistics, this particular breed of dogs is considered one of the most popular to date. A pug is relatively inexpensive, so anyone can buy it in their own home. Your children will definitely be happy to see a pug in the family. It guarantees you and your children a good mood and will become a faithful companion during a passive and active home holiday.

Pugs, as well as Pekingese, appeared in China. Once upon a time in China, such dogs were taken by the highest nobility, so that they would amuse and amuse them. Today, pugs continue their ancient activities, but instead of the Chinese nobility, they amuse their immediate owners.

This breed is well-mannered and very attractive. Her genes already have decent behavior. There is no happier moment for this four-legged than playing with family. Pug is ready to rush from room to room, jump, jump and somersault. This gives a lot of pleasure, both to him and to those around him. Pugs are educated fun people.

This breed does not differ timid physical data. On the contrary, these dogs have well developed muscles. They are stocky and powerful. They are ready to become great friends for your kids. But taking pugs for a morning run or a beach walk is not worth it.

Ideally, a pug should not weigh more than 9 kilograms. But there are some that weigh more – this is the result of over-feeding. Obesity is a major problem with pugs and other dog breeds. You must always ensure that your pet is in shape.

Also, pugs do not tolerate extreme temperature changes. You should not take them outside when it is very hot or very cold. Their body cannot stand such torture. An ideal moment for a walk can be warm and mild weather. In general, it is desirable that the pug is always in the house (this is his real element).

A pug does not require special care, and its needs are minimal. When he is still small, you need to work on his body so that it gradually develops and grows stronger. Make sure the puppy does various physical exercises. How you train him at the beginning, he will remain the same when he grows up. The pug’s skin is smooth and not problematic.

Due to its great love for people, this dog can become very attached. Therefore, you need to make sure that the pet does not feel discomfort when you are not around. Do not turn a pug into a tame and helpless animal.

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