Pug has come! (part 1)
A small, harmonious, tightly knit dog with a large head and a short wide muzzle. Above the small flattened black nose are large dark and talking eyes. Tail ringlet. These…

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Brief description of the breed
A round head, a square physique and a twisted tail - this is what a pug looks like. Wherever he is, his wrinkled face and cheerful nature enchant people on…

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SHORT EXTRACTS FROM DISEASE HISTORY A few years ago, one member of the Kennel Club of the Ohio State received a small litter of puppies with cleft palates. One puppy…

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Pug has come! (part 2)

The club is developing, perhaps not as fast as we would like, but it is definitely gaining strength and firmly moving towards its goals. If at the beginning of our work there was a feeling of distrust from fans of the breed, then after almost three years I am pleased to note that young breeders and owners of Pugs are showing more and more attention and interest. The club holds exhibitions with the awarding of club titles Candidate for Club Champions, Club Winner and Club Champion.

From 2008 to 2010 inclusively, under the auspices of the All-Ukrainian Club of the Pug breed, 17 exhibitions were held: 3 exhibitions of the rank of CHK, 3 exhibitions of the rank of PC and 11th rank of the CCC. It is pleasant to note that exhibitions are held in different regions and cities of Ukraine: Zaporozhye, Mariupol, Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Sevastopol, Kiev – always in a wonderful friendly atmosphere under high-quality expertise and with a solid prize pool. Participants from neighboring countries come to exhibitions of the Cheka wound, which are traditionally held in Zaporozhye, every year. This indicates interest in the Club not only on the part of Ukrainian breeders, but also breeders and owners from other countries. It is also nice that, with the support of KSU, it has become possible to add the title Champion of the Club and Junior Champion of the Club to the pedigree of the dog, which indicates the prestige of winning at exhibitions held under the auspices of the All-Ukrainian Breed Club.
VKPM Champions and Junior VKPM Champions are more than 20 dogs. I would like to list them – These are our “first-born.”


DIONIS NATELE, ow. Marchenko G.V., Ukraine, Bucha;
IDEAL IZ DOMA ELEN MIJA FOR FAN OF CHEESE, ow. Kostenko O.V., Ukraine, Mariupol;
SNEZHANA TSARSKIY BARHAT, ow. Shkurupiy V. and A., Ukraine, Kharkov;
PREWINKLE’S WINGS OVER MALI, ow. Yesaulova T., Ukraine, Zaporozhye;
ONECHKA KOZHANIY NOSIK, ow. Kolesnikova O.L., Ukraine, Donetsk;
YESSEY KOZHANIY NOSIK, ow. Margot P., Ukraine, Zaporozhye;
AI-PETRIK KOZHANIY NOSIK, ow. Margot P., Ukraine, Zaporozhye;
ABRIKOSKA TERRA VIVA, ow. Chegusova N., Ukraine, Kiev;
ANGLAGLANS BOB DYLAN, ow. Vladova V., Russia;
PERSIK BIS SMAK YANIKA RUS VICTORY, ow. Bobrova S. and Mitina O., Russia;
TREASURE TRUE DARIKAR, ow. Katz M.L., Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk;
TANGETOPPEN’S NPRDIC GIFT O’DESTIBY, ow. Chegusova N.B., Ukraine, Kiev;
FANTASY’S SURE SWEET HABENERO, ow. Gavryukova T., Kharkov;
KLOPSIKI MOPSIKI PARIS POKORITEL SERDETS, ow. Zagamula Yu., Ukraine, Zaporozhye;
SHADOW OF MOON MY ROYAL PRESENT, ow. Kolesnikova O.L. Ukraine, Donetsk;
SHALL GO TO VICTORY MY ROYAL PRESENT, ow. Podlipyan A., Ukraine, Enakievo;
ZABAVA MY ROYAL PRESENT, ow. Zagamula Yu., Ukraine, Zaporozhye.

Young Champions of the ALL-UKRAINIAN PUP BREED CLUB Pug:

IDEAL IZ DOMA ELEN MIJA FOR FAN OF CHEESE, ow. Kostenko O.V., Ukraine, Mariupol;
FOMIELENS NORDIC, ow. Fomicheva E. And N., Latvia;
CAC IVELLA HOUSE, ow. Goncharuk V.V., Ukraine, Donetsk;
ALFEORI AVVGUSTO VINCERE SOLO, ow. Volkova I., Ukraine, Sevastopol;
FORCITAL TOP GEAR, ow. Margot P., Ukraine, Zaporozhye;
GERT, ow Fialkovskaya L.V. Ukraine, Chernihiv;
PACZEK CHINSKI PUPIL, ow. Dikusar L., Ukraine, Sevastopol;
DARIKAR JUNO, ow. Karlov V., Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk.

Tatyana Yesaulova I would like to pay special attention to the Club information base. Elena Bereza created a wonderful site with an extensive database of dogs with pedigrees and photos. The site also contains all the administrative and useful information about the Club, Club news and reports from exhibitions, not only held in Ukraine, but also international exhibitions in Europe and America.

There is also a forum of the All-Ukrainian Club of the Pug Breed for lovers of virtual communication. No business will be successful without a close-knit team of like-minded people. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the breeders and owners for their dedication to the breed, support and participation in the Club.

I would like to express special gratitude to the club’s vice-president, experienced breeder Tatyana Yesaulova (“LEATHER SHOES” club). And also for good advice and comprehensive support to the head of the Solomensky branch of KSU – Valery Berese.

At the end of the article we wish health to our favorites! Success and prosperity, the implementation of plans, pleasant surprises and interesting events.

The club is looking forward to meeting new, enthusiastic breed people!

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