Why a pug?

"Bad advice" or A brief guide to parenting (part 1)
Let me introduce myself, I'm a pug. And my name is ..., however, it’s better to stay incognito, otherwise the hostess will read it. I live in a family not…

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Pug character
The pug has an excellent character, the dog is a kind and very sociable creature. He loves to play and have fun, while the dog is considered not very active.…

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Pigment keratitis in pugs
The cornea is the transparent part of the anterior membrane of the eye that transmits light. Normal healthy cornea is transparent. Keratitis is a corneal disease in which usually transparent…

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Genetic factors are responsible for the low percentage of deaths and other disorders in newborn puppies. Therefore, if you take into account the factors of genetics, proper feeding, hygiene and prevention, then you will increase your opportunities for normal, healthy and successful offspring. Continue reading


This article will discuss how to properly glue a pug’s ears.

The shape of the pug’s ears can be of three types:
1. “button (button)” – the ear is a triangle, hangs well on the cartilage and completely closes the ear canal;
2. “rose” – the ear is “broken” in the cartilage, slightly opens the ear canal;
3. “false rose” – the ear is “broken in the cartilage” and sitting high, so that almost the entire auditory meatus opens. Continue reading

Pug has come! (part 2)

The club is developing, perhaps not as fast as we would like, but it is definitely gaining strength and firmly moving towards its goals. If at the beginning of our work there was a feeling of distrust from fans of the breed, then after almost three years I am pleased to note that young breeders and owners of Pugs are showing more and more attention and interest. The club holds exhibitions with the awarding of club titles Candidate for Club Champions, Club Winner and Club Champion. Continue reading

Pug has come! (part 1)

A small, harmonious, tightly knit dog with a large head and a short wide muzzle. Above the small flattened black nose are large dark and talking eyes. Tail ringlet. These dogs with a monkey face are winning the hearts of many. But if you figure it out and look deeper, live and talk with Pug, you will understand that it is not the appearance, but the valuable inner qualities of this dog that will bind you forever. Continue reading

Acquaintance with the breed. Pugs need to know!

This small breed has a huge history. There is much debate about the true origin of pugs. It is believed that the breed came from China. The origin was associated with the Pekingese, with the Bulldog and even Mastiff. Pug was once a companion of Buddhist monks in Tibet. The breed was popular among royal families, Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, also had a pug. It was claimed that this dog carried secret messages to Napoleon in prison. Continue reading

About feeding
Pugs are unpretentious in food and are not averse to eating anything from the master's table. Ah, how hard it is to bear this begging look of a cat from…


A pug is a massive dog with a square and powerful body. It has a fairly compact body, a straight back, a deep-set chest and a strong lumbar. The tail…


Pug is a breed for "lazy people".
The pug's hairline is short and does not require special care. The pug coat is so nice to the touch that you want to iron it constantly. By the way,…


Having a pug is not so easy, but very cool!
Hello! I’ve been thinking for a long time about whether to tell you about this miracle of nature or not, but I decided nevertheless) and suddenly someone like me will…